1 Million Teachers Case Study

Scaling to One Million

When 1 Million Teachers realized that scaling their current hosted Learning Management System was not going to work, they contacted PressTitan for an alternative. We set them up with an easy to scale, bespoke platform running WordPress, LifterLMS, and Learning Locker to make sure they had an even faster solution at a price that scales better for their goals.

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About 1 Million Teachers

What They Do

1 Million Teachers is working towards educating a million teachers in Africa and other second and third world places in hopes of making a dent in the massive shortage that UNESCO is reporting.

Saving 1 Million Teachers Millions of Dollars

PressTitan’s solution saves 1 Million Teachers 85% of their LMS costs versus their previous provider and gives them more flexible options in the future for growth and technology management. With a goal of one million teachers and beyond, the potential long-term savings for the organization will be measured in the millions of dollars per year thanks to the custom hosting environment that we’ve set-up and maintain. Because of this, we are listed as an Expert resource on the LifterLMS website. If you need your own Learning Management system for your school or business, please contact us to get a custom quote.

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