How To Build An Audience Through Blogging

How To Build An Audience Through Blogging

I used to be a somewhat well known and famous blogger. Back when the blogosphere as it was called was in it’s infancy. I loved every moment of it. Coming up with content ideas, and writing as much content about topics I loved as often as I could. But then life happened and that passion wained. I stopped blogging. My audience died.

Some people blog because it’s part of their job. My job is maintaining and helping my customers grow their business. And that often takes away from growing an audience.

A dear friend of mine asked recently: “If you had to start life over again – how would you do it ?”

Write Expert Content

I would pick one topic and I would blog about it. Something I was truly knowledgeable about and passionate and I would share my expertise with people and grow an audience around it.

Then I would share my articles in places where people could discover them, and share them with like minded people.

Make Your Content Discoverable

Here are some places you can share, not spam your best content.
Pinterest (free and paid)
Reddit (free and paid)
Facebook (free and paid)
LinkedIn (free and paid)
Google (free and paid)
Twitter (free and paid)
Guest Posts

Come Up With Great Ideas

Ideas are some of the hardest things to come up with. Luckily I don’t even have to think of ideas anymore. I just look around the market that I’m focused on, and find others who are writing about topics that people love and write something better.

One of my favorite tools for finding great content ideas is Ahrefs Content Explorer.

I can dig into related topics around my site and find great ideas to write about here’s one I found almost instantly today. I’ll take you through how I’m going to write the article below.

Topic: CDN
Popular articles: Best FREE CDNs, Top free CDNs, Best FREE DNS Providers, etc.
Title: Best North American CDN’s For 2019

Execute On The Ideas

First, I have to research the topic. As someone who works with CDNs daily I’m very familiar with CDNs. And especially North America as that is my target market. One of the places I use the most is CDN Perf which tracks CDN Performance.

Then I need to come up with a piece of content roughly 2,000 words long. Which would give me about 200 words for 10 bullet points or the 10 best CDNs.

Design Linkable Images

Do Email Outreach

I reach out to influencers in my space, as well as any companies I mention in each post as I publish the content, I also ping them on Twitter, and Linkedin. More times than not they share my content and my audience begins to grow.

Send Out A Press Release

I like to send out a press release to get some traction for sites.

Write A Guest Post

I like to get 1-2 guest posts per piece of content to gain some positive traction.

Alongside guest posts, press releases, email outreach, and others you can build backlinks through a variety of partners who will help place your links on partner sites to help improve your site’s performance.

In Conclusion

The most important aspect of building an audience is consistency. Publish high quality content on the same schedule so your readers will come back and consumer more of it at the same time each week.

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