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For over three years now, PressTitan has been providing technical SEO support through modern, high-quality web hosting offerings as well as providing managed WordPress services to improve customers businesses.

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David Krug
Founder & CEO

David Krug has been using WordPress since before it was called WordPress with a strong SEO and content development background, David Krug has built many top-tier WordPress properties and consulted on hundreds of others.

We understand the value of the assets we are entrusted with, we understand how they operate and safeguard them like we would our own families.

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Malcolm Peralty
Co-Founder & CTO

Malcolm Peralty has over 16 years working in the WordPress space in various capacities. He first started using WordPress when it was version 0.72. Since then, he has worked with start-ups, Fortune 100 companies as well as the government.

Malcolm was the co-host of two of the biggest WordPress focused podcasts and has written about the software for over a decade.

On the technology side, Malcolm graduated with a diploma in computer networking in 2003 and has been managing web servers since, with a focus on a high-performance LAMP/LEMP stack and more recently high availability setups.

Some organizations Malcolm has worked with include CenturyLink, World Economic Forum, StoryCorps, WPEngine, Brightcove and many more.

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We put our money where our mouth is. We are willing to set up free test server environments, provide some initial assessments and bring value to you and your business before you even sign-up with us. All you have to do is start a dialogue with our team. We only take on clients that will be a good fit.

Do You Have Off-Site WordPress Backups?

We've seen too many people lose data because they assumed they had enough backups.
For $99 per year, we will backup your WordPress site on our cloud infrastructure so you never have to worry again.