PressTitan has partnered with some of the leaders of today’s technology including Hover, Dynadot, DNSMadeEasy, Cloudflare, Digital Ocean, and Kyup to provide enterprise-grade Exclusive WordPress hosting at an affordable cost to our clients. Our custom stack is called Hyperion and is the fastest WordPress stack on the planet.

Our Infrastructure Partners

Cloudflare – anycast DNS + WAP
DNSMadeEasy – DNS provider
KeyCDN – content delivery network
CDN77 – content delivery network
Digital Ocean – datacenter provider
Linode – datacenter provider
Varnish – front-end accelerator
Nginx – high-performance web server
PHP 7 – the latest high-performance PHP
MariaDB – 100% compatible with MySQL but twice as fast
Lets Encrypt – SSL certificate authority
InfiniteWP – backups, updates, and performance monitoring
Uptime Robot – uptime and error reporting
Help Scout – enterprise-grade support
HipChat – operations communications
AirCall – call center operations
Atlas – network accelerator

How Fast Is The Hyperion Stack?

It depends on what you’re doing, but typically you’re going to be seeing < 500ms server-response times to fetch the entire HTML. Analysis tools like Pingdom etc will report higher times because they include fresh fetches of all your included JS, CSS, and image files but < 500ms is very typical from the Hyperion Stack. There are very few websites we can’t make load in under 3 seconds using this technology stack.