Cutting Edge Technology

The biggest Web hosting companies in the industry are owned by a handful of parent corporations like GoDaddy and EIG despite having dozens of brand names.

We are a small enterprise that has partnered with some of the leaders in technology infrastructure to provide cutting edge technology while remaining independent and keeping our costs low. Passing our savings on to our customers.

Some of our partners include CloudFlare, DNSMadeEasy, and Digital Ocean. Our Hyperion Stack literally is a who’s who of the technology space.

Proactive Support

Are you tired of being a random customer on a random server? And you have no idea who to call for help? Or if your web host even has a phone number? That’s how we used to feel. That’s why we started this company. Web hosting needs to stop treating their customers like numbers. People want to be treated great. They want a real connection, to feel like you care.

When you look at the rise of truly great companies over the last 10 years. Companies like Uber and Airbnb come to mind. It’s not that there weren’t taxis and hotels. It’s that those industries treated their customers like just a number. A dollar sign. With Uber, you get upgraded service and personal care from a driver who knows your name, and you know his. With Airbnb you pick your place to stay, and the owner connects with you personally and handles your stay. It’s personal. It’s real.

That’s PressTitan. We aren’t traditional web hosting. We are exclusive WordPress hosting and performance experts working for your business success. We know your name. We know your business, and we are here to help you succeed. You are our partners. Without YOU we don’t exist.

Healthy Business Partnerships, That’s Our Foundation.

Powered by Experts

David Krug has been using WordPress since before it was called WordPress with a strong SEO and content development background, David Krug has helped build many top-tier WordPress properties and consulted on hundreds of others. Over the last few years, he’s designed hosting infrastructure for numerous fast growing education websites.

David Peralty has over 15 years working in the WordPress space in various capacities. He first started using WordPress when it was version 0.72. Since then, he has worked with start-ups through Fortune 100 companies as well as government. David P was the co-host of two of the biggest WordPress focused podcasts and has written about the software for over a decade.