The WP Minute – Episode 103

The WP Minute – Episode 103

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This is Malcolm Peralty here from PressTitan and this is The WP Minute, Episode 103

WordPress 5.0 continues to march towards release. Daily updates are being posted on the Make dot WordPress dot org blog with the number of open issues remaining and stuff being pushed to 5.0.1. It looks like we will receive another WordPress 5.0 beta tomorrow and it won’t be long until the final release, though it does look like 5.0.1 will be released about two weeks after WordPress 5.0 and 5.0.2 will be released around two weeks after that.

Maybe that’s why Apollo13 Themes has posted saying not to update to WordPress 5.0. In their post, they ask their readers not to rush into updating. They state that a large number of their themes are ready for the new version but that the new version could break some functionality or your entire site if you are dependant on lesser known or smaller single developer plugins.

We have been looking and testing the sites we manage and some custom code written by third parties as well as some smaller plugins are causing some issues with the new version of WordPress. I hope that some of the final changes to WordPress 5.0 will resolve these issues or that the developers will be able to make quick changes so that our clients aren’t stuck using WordPress 4.9 until they are ready to redevelop their site entirely.

That’s it for today’s WP Minute, thank you all for watching.

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