The WP Minute – Episode 106

The WP Minute – Episode 106

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This is Malcolm Peralty here from PressTitan and this is The WP Minute, Episode 106

Jeffrey Zeldman has put out a tweet that talks about a change coming to A List Apart. It looks like it will be moving to WordPress. They have tried many CMS systems, including custom coded ones. Zeldman has stated that after the change, he will have a post about why they did it, but I have a feeling it is primarily because it will allow them to focus on content. I used to read A List Apart all the time to get insights into standards focused on web development, so I’m glad to see them looking at WordPress as their next publishing system of choice.

Gutenberg is coming to WordPress mobile apps. At least that’s what a post on WPTavern talks about. It looks like in early 2019 if you create content using the WordPress mobile app, you’ll be able to do it using blocks. Right now, it seems that it could make a mess of things if you try to edit Gutenberg crafted posts with the not-Gutenberg-ready mobile editor.

Lastly, if you are planning on upgrading to WordPress 5.0 right away, but you are also still worried about Gutenberg, then the instructions on WPLift will help you out. They cover how to disable Gutenberg and keep the Classic editor using different methods. Just remember, you won’t be able to disable it forever as Gutenberg is going to be added to other areas of WordPress and not just the page and post publishing screens.

That’s it for today’s WP Minute, thank you all for watching.

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