The WP Minute – Episode 116

The WP Minute – Episode 116

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Tomorrow is WordPress 5.0 day. There’s no avoiding it. It is happening! And that’s freaked a few people out, as you can see by a great post on WPTavern. The expectation by many in the community was that if WordPress 5.0 couldn’t be launched by a certain day that we would wait until January, but that doesn’t matter now. Important people in the WordPress community are concerned about what this December release around WordCamp US will do to their plans.

As a side note, Matt was on WP Weekly today, and when that episode comes out, be sure to check it out as it was an interesting interview that seemed to calm many of the over 150 people that were watching live.

Jay Trip, the co-host of WP Weekly, showed his hand though as he announced Publicious less than a day before recording the episode with Matt. Publicious is not supposed to be a complete fork, but instead an opportunity to create what is essentially a testing ground for new ideas that may or may not end up in WordPress someday. I think this is an interesting idea, and Matt seemed happy for Publicious to enter the space when it was brought up on WP Weekly.

It might be a bit late to discuss this with the full release of WordPress 5.0 coming out tomorrow, but Jeff Matson has posted a great article on the Gravity Forms blog about trying beta software. We’ve had three release candidates of WordPress, and if you run a business with WordPress, I hope you’ve tried out one of them on a staging or test server. Jeff goes over some of the reasons why you might want to try beta software. The majority of the article isn’t written directly to talk about WordPress, but Gravity Forms is a great WordPress plugin and this is a WordPress show, so there’s your connection.

If you are gearing up for the holidays and run a WooCommerce store, firstly, don’t update to WordPress 5.0 until you’ve updated WooCommerce to the latest version, and secondly, WP Mayor has a post that discusses things you can do to optimize your store and likely convert better. Things like specialized landing pages, or creating product bundles. Check out their full article for all of the details.

That’s it for today’s WP Minute, thank you all for watching.

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