The WP Minute – Episode 49

The WP Minute – Episode 49

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This is Malcolm Peralty here from PressTitan and this is The WP Minute, Episode 49

PressLabs has posted an article that covers the basics of WordPress security. It is a great read and much more detailed than anything else we’ve discussed here. I highly recommend you check this out no matter what level of WordPress user you are. There are some technical recommendations and a bunch of plugin recommendations, so take your time in deciding how you want to enact these things and do some research, but please don’t ignore WordPress security.

Over on WPTavern, there is an article about what Big Bite Creative did using Gutenberg for Amnesty International’s website. My favourite part of the post is the video at the end that highlights what they were able to accomplish with their custom blocks. It looks pretty good and very slick, though I’d love to see how much work it would take to now change themes and update the CSS to make these custom blocks look decent again.

Last thing I want to mention today, if you are interested in getting WordPress news delivered to your email inbox each week, check out They do some high-quality filtering of the popular news, tutorials, and videos each week and they are one of my sources of WordPress information.

That’s it for today’s WP Minute, thank you all for watching.


A No-Nonsense Guide To WordPress Security: Doing The Things That Matter

Big Bite Creative to Launch New Amnesty International Website based on Gutenberg


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