The WP Minute – Episode 91

The WP Minute – Episode 91

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This is Malcolm Peralty here from PressTitan and this is The WP Minute, Episode 91

The first thing I want to talk about today is ithemes post about kids in WordPress. Apparently, two speakers at WordCamp Miami are going to be kids. I am so stoked to see youth being added to the speaker roster for WordCamps and would love to see that expand. Check out the full post for more information.

WPTavern has an article about the Gutenberg Cloud plugin for WordPress that allows you to quickly and easily add blocks from Gutenberg Cloud, an ala carte service for downloading individual blocks from a variety of sources to be used for your content creation. Developers in the article seem split on whether this is a good or bad thing for Gutenberg going forward.

Lastly, the quarterly update is out on the blog where all the different volunteer groups have a quick snippet of who they are, what their priority is and what they need is posted. It is amazing to see just how many different groups are needed to continue building WordPress and I am in awe of even just the list of contacted organizers for each section. Very impressive. Unfortunately, the update doesn’t give a ton of information other than Gutenberg is taking a lot of time and attention right now.

That’s it for today’s WP Minute, thank you all for watching.

Youth Speaking at WordCamp Miami
Gutenberg Cloud Plugin for WordPress
WordPress Quarterly Update

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