The WP Minute – Episode 94

The WP Minute – Episode 94

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This is Malcolm Peralty here from PressTitan and this is The WP Minute, Episode 94

Today is an all Matt episode. For those of you that don’t know, Matt Mullenweg is seen as the creator of WordPress and he showed up at WordCamp Portland yesterday and even spoke for a little bit answering some questions. Some people even got some great selfies with him and many tweeted about his attendance.

Next, we have a post on Peter Adams Photography that discusses a little about who Matt is and a little about Gutenberg though most of it is about his Guten-beard as the author calls it since Matt has been growing it since the announcement of Gutenberg. I am sure it isn’t because he hates the beard that Gutenberg is being rushed, right?

Lastly, Matt made a call-out on Twitter asking for more help with scrubbing bugs from the upcoming WordPress 5.0 release. There are events related to helping posted on the Make dot WordPress blog with seven of them happening over the next few days. Will you help?

That’s it for today’s WP Minute, thank you all for watching.


Walking The Razor’s Edge: Matt Mullenweg

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