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Three years ago I was using a certain web hosting company and my website went offline. The web hosting company advertised “nightly backups”, it turns out that was the farthest thing from the truth. 

Not only were their nightly backups on the same server but that server was now offline. I was stuck. All of the data was lost forever. It felt like they had broken a promise they made, so when we started PressTitan, one of the first things we did was set-up top-tier backups.


PEACE of Mind


One Site

Off-Site Cloud Hosted
$ 99

  • Daily Backups
  • 90 Day Retention
  • 20 GB of Storage
  • Files and Database
  • Restoration Assistance

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Ten Sites

Off-Site Cloud Hosted
$ 69

  • Real Time Backups
  • 180 Day Retention
  • 15% Discount on Other Services

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Most frequent questions and answers

Is there a setup fee?

No setup fee. The prices above are what you can expect to pay each month. 

Can I purchase two or more plans?

Yes, if you can buy as many of each plan as you need to cover your sites.

What if I need more storage?

If you need more than 20GB of storage for your WordPress site, please contact us and we can create a custom plan that best fits your needs.

What payment currencies do you accept?

All of our prices are in US dollars. We aren’t able to bill in other currencies, though our payment gateway should allow you to use foreign accounts and it will convert the currency to USD.

How can I restore from a backup?

You will contact us and one of our technicians can provide you the compressed zip file of your backup, or if you let us know what you need restored, we will handle it for you. You don’t need any technical knowledge to use our service.