WordPress Plugins We Like

WP Rocket

Before we moved to our current platform this was our WordPress speed plugin of choice. It is easy to use and provides huge benefits. It is well developed and updated often. 

For starting at only $49, you can often reduce the page load time of your site by half a second or more and that can turn into more sales.

Gravity Forms

While one of our founders is a bit biased because he used to work for Rocketgenius, the company behind Gravity Forms, he was a fan of the plugin before that point. 

Gravity Forms allows data collection for any purpose, not just contact forms. A license starts at only $59 per year.


We are getting closer to the point where Gutenberg will replace a large portion of the page builder functionality, but for now, this is still the fastest way for a non-designer or developer to put together a content page with a custom design.

You can use a free license, but we recommend paying the $49/year for a license as it provides so much value.

All-in-One WP Migration

This plugin has helped us migrate so many websites in a timely and easy fashion. It allows you to select various options depending on what you need to migration and is useful for various types of migrations. 

While the website isn’t the prettiest, and you can get the free version, they also have an unlimited extension starting at $69 that allows you to migrate any size of WordPress install.