WordPress Sledgehammers

WordPress Sledgehammers

When working with clients, I often see them using plugins that are far too heavy/massive/feature-filled for the functionality that they truly need and want.

Just recently, I logged into a site that was using WooCommerce to sell a single digital product. Many people might want to try something like Easy Digital Downloads, since it is purpose built to sell digital products, right?

That wouldn’t be my recommendation.

If your intention is to sell a single digital product, I’d recommend using a form plugin like Gravity Forms. You probably already need a contact form and maybe some other forms on your site, so if you are already going to use that plugin, you should try to find other ways to make it useful on your site. You can create a purchase form and have it email a link to the purchaser, just as a quick solution.

The biggest and best plugin might not be the right choice for your website. You need to consider the features you require now and in the future to make sure you select the best fit for your needs, but try not to forget about your users and the performance of your website.

If you don’t know which plugin to choose for a feature you require, then check out WPHive. It allows you to look at the quality of plugins, how they’ll effect your page speed, and other details that will make choosing the right plugin for the job.

One simple example is Stackable – Gutenber Blocks versus Ultimate Blocks – Gutenberg Blocks Plugin. Stackable increases your site’s memory usage on page load by an average of 722KB while Ultimate Blocks only increases it by an average of 265KB. That can be quite noticeable.

Check out the full comparison on WPHive.

While they don’t have every plugin, especially ones without a free version, it is a great place to start.

Please don’t just assume that the most popular, most feature-filled plugin is the one you want for your website.

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