Do You Have Offsite Cloud Backups?

Three years ago I was using a certain web hosting company and my website went offline. The web hosting company advertised “nightly backups” it turns out that was the farthest thing from the truth. Not only were their nightly backups on the same server but that server was now offline. I was stuck. All the data was lost forever.

That is why we created PressTitan Managed Cloud Backups. For less than a cup of coffee a day you can sleep better and know your website is safe and sound in our completely managed cloud. 

What Sets PressTitan Apart From Other Companies?

The biggest WordPress web hosting companies in the industry are owned by a handful of parent corporations like GoDaddy and EIG despite having dozens of brand names.

We are a small enterprise that has partnered with some of the leaders in technology infrastructure to provide cutting edge technology while remaining independent and keeping our costs low. Passing our savings on to our customers.