Managed WordPress Backups So You Can Sleep Better Tonight.

Do You Have Offsite Cloud Backups ?

3 years ago I was using a certain web hosting company. And my website went offline. The web hosting company advertised “nightly backups” it turns out that was the farthest thing from the truth. Not only were there nightly backups on the same server but that server was now offline. I was stuck. All the data was lost forever. Which is why we created PressTitan Managed Cloud Backups. For less than a cup of coffee a day you can sleep better and know your website is safe and sound in our completely managed cloud. 

* Backups cover one site of up to 10GB in size. Daily backups to be stored for 14 days as well as the last 2 monthly backups. 

Is Your Business Ready For A Datacenter Outage ?

Most hosting companies, most WordPress plugins and most WordPress agencies don’t have the long and varied experience with WordPress that PressTitan has. Most web hosting companies don’t even have offsite backups. Our experience in the WordPress & Hosting Industry has led us to create this amazing product. 


  • Both founders started using WordPress before version 1.0.

  • Both founders have worked on plugins and themes.
  • Both founders have published thousands of articles, podcasts and videos relating to WordPress.

Our Customers Can Sleep Every Night Of The Year Without Worry About Their Backups. Can you?  

“Excellent support and service. Very helpful for anything our business needs”

Becky Knowles

“The service is head and shoulders above any hosting company I have worked with in my 20 years of managing websites.”

Gerri Elder

Online College Plan

Backups are the most important aspect of business continuation

When was the last time you tested your current backup system? Are you just assuming your hosting company is doing backups correctly? Without safe, high-quality, available backups, you are leaving yourself vulnerable. If you don’t update WordPress right away, install a plugin or theme with a security issue or for some reason, other maintenance isn’t completed, your site could be at risk!

WordPress Advice

We don’t just backup sites, we make sure they are running correctly. If we notice something out of the ordinary, we will consult with you.

Growth Planning

At PressTitan, we want to see every site we work with grow. The digital world is only getting more competitive and we are the experts in WordPress.

Safe And Secure

We encrypt all backups and store them on a private cloud based backup solution that is safe and reliable. Your backups available to you when you need them most.

Limited Time Offer

WordPress has become more competitive and that means that customers expect higher quality products. It also means there is a huge amount of marketing competition and smaller organizations focused on providing quality service end up drowned out, but not today!

* Backups cover one site of up to 10GB in size. Daily backups to be stored for 14 days as well as the last 2 monthly backups.