17 Essential Tools We Use To Run A Remote Company

For many Working Remote is a fad, or a movement. For me I’ve been doing it for as long as I can remember. Pretty much since I was 19 years old. One of the most important parts of running a remote company is picking the right tools. We carefully tested tools and found these 17 essential tools that keep our business afloat and prospering.


WordPress now powers 30% of all sites on the web, according to the latest figures from web survey provider W3Techs. According to the most recent numbers, for the end of February 2018, WordPress is at 30.0% for absolute percentage of websites, giving it a 60.2% market share for all content management systems. I’ve personally been using it since it was created and it’s the only CMS I recommend.

Marketers Delight

I first met Alex online when he was working at Thesis Themes. As many know I was the first user of Thesis. In fact it was developed for a network of sites I was running in the early days of WordPress when I was running BlogMedia, Inc.

Later Alex started his own framework called Marketers Delight and I was overwhelmingly pleased with his framework. In fact it’s the framework that runs this site as well as a few clients.

Marketers Delight is a framework with marketing tools built in, it’s also one of the fastest WordPress themes on the planet. I strongly recommend it to anyone who wants a fast site that just works out of the box.

PressTitan Servers

Here at PressTitan we primarily use Digital Ocean & Vultr as our data center providers and each site gets it’s own dedicated VPS, then it’s combined with a premium CDN or our in house Atlas Accelerator, and delivered by the best dns providers in the industry.

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Is WordPress Really a 10 Billion Dollar Economy?

Written by P.J. Aitken

In his 2018 State of the Word address, Matt Mullenweg estimated the WordPress economy to be worth over $10 billion. As the founder of this content management platform, he’s certainly well placed to make such an estimation, but how much of it is based in truth? And if it does really generate an 11-figure revenue, where does it all come from?

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Proof that Website Speed Matters

Written by P.J. Aitken

The early days of SEO were a veritable wild west, one where anything went and success was reserved for who took risks, went against the status quo, or were exceedingly fortunate. These days SEO is complicated, multi-faceted, uncertain and unforgiving. It’s built on assumptions, extrapolations, and experience — it’s a practice that is constantly evolving and leaves even its experts in the dark on occasion.

One of the many hotly debated points is whether or not page speed impacts search engine rankings. It’s something that had no bearing in those early days, but something that could play a significant role today.

The question is, can the speed of your site really impact on search engine placement, and if so, to what extent?

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