Remote Work is Not For Everyone

Remote Work is Not For Everyone

As we all deal with a global pandemic, it is important to remember that not everyone is built to work from home. Yes, most jobs can be done from home, but there is a human aspect to working that is important to remember, and not everyone will thrive away from their peers and support.

At PressTitan, we’ve been remote working from the start with our team spread around the world. One of the advantages we have is that we chose to work remotely, from our home offices, it wasn’t thrust upon us as the only choice. We enjoy working from home, but part of that is because of our personality, and part of our success is because of the tools that exist and our drive to use them effectively.

Piece of advice # 1 – Use video chat.

It might seem odd to have people look at you through your webcam, but you need to do this. Most of our communication happens through our facial expressions and not our tone of voice or the words we write. At least once a week, get in front of the camera with your team to sync up quickly.

Typically, you will want a start and end time, but during these unique times, I’d recommend having some buffer time for social communication. Maybe everything is running so well that you don’t need organized meetings for anything, schedule some social time on camera. It might be strange, but we are generally nicer and more patient with people that we can see.

Piece of advice #2 – Chat tools for business and fun.

You might already be using Slack or an alternative in your business, but do you have social channels available for non-business discussion?

You can’t force community, but it is important to work towards developing one. Celebrate successes, wish people happy birthday and do more to collaborate in a positive manner.

Piece of advice #3 – Loosen the schedule.

It might seem difficult but remote work is about results and not about time at desk. No matter the size of your team, you need to look at how people are producing more than how available they are. It is important that those working remotely can deal with distractions, find balance and organize their time to best produce what you need to be successful.

Piece of advice #4 – Small interactions have a huge impact.

While we can’t recommend co-working spaces or company events right now, one way to typically increase work at home success is to have your team meet up or integrate with other people in their local remote work community.

Many communities have co-working spaces that hold a ton of events, so even if you or they don’t have anyone else from their own company or team, they can find social benefit from it that will improve performance.


Not everyone needs to be a remote working expert. Humans are social beings. There are plenty of tools available to help make this as painless as possible, but it is important to remember that most of us aren’t built to work in social isolation.

I hope that everyone continues to stay as positive as possible and stay safe.

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