Our Technology

Your website is safe with us. We consider each of our clients part of our family. We use today’s best technology to help you grow your business.

Fastest Network

Between our redundant backbone connections, our managed DNS, and our use of CDN services, we provide fast access to your website to visitors anywhere in the world.

Amazing Backups

You don’t need them until you do. We take backups very seriously. We run multiple levels of backups, both on-site and off-site to make sure your data stays safe.

Proactive Monitoring

It should be rare that you have to contact support because we are always watching. Server resource utilization, error logs, and so much more are constantly being reviewed. We even run spot checks to make sure pages are rendering. 

Quick Page Rendering

Speaking of page rendering, we are always looking for opportunities for optimization. Our goal is to make every page of a website load as fast as possible. Some sites load in as little as 0.4 seconds!

THE Best Business WordPress Hosting

Our clients have an average loading time under 3 seconds. How fast does your site load?


Providing us with anycast DNS, web application firewall, caching and so much more, Cloudflare is a company we use for all levels of clients as their service is efficient and cost effective.


Often one of the fastest DNS service providers available. If you are using your domain registrar’s DNS, you are probably slowing your site’s initial response time by as much as half a second. 

Let’s Encrypt

Every site needs a SSL these days, and Let’s Encrypt provides a free SSL solution that is trusted by millions. They even provide wildcard SSL’s these days.

Help Scout

Making sure we track every support request is Help Scout. It tracks our response time, number of tickets closed, and so much more. Our goal is to always improve our metrics. 


MySQL is slower than MariaDB. Is there any other reason to make the switch when MariaDB is a drop-in replacement? MariaDB also has faster and more transparent security releases.


7.1, 7.2, 7.3… We don’t support any PHP 5 implementations because they are slow and end of life. Newer versions of PHP can generate pages faster with less server resource usage. 

nginx & Apache

Many hosts have moved to NGINX as a replacement for Apache, but that can make it impossible to use convenient things like .htaccess files. We use NGINX as a reverse proxy for Apache, getting the best of both.


Fast and affordable with points of presence all over the world in their thirty-five data centers, your website data will be close at hand to your visitors. They also have one of the highest CDN cache hit rates of any CDN we’ve tested.


How can so few people manage the needs of so many different WordPress powered websites? Blogvault allows us to see a variety of different site needs, including plugins that need updating, managing backups and more.

Try Us Out

We put our money where our mouth is. We are willing to set up free test server environments, provide some initial assessments and bring value to you and your business before you even sign-up with us. All you have to do is start a dialogue with our team. We only take on clients that will be a good fit.