WordPress Plugin Updates – Don’t Be Afraid, It’s Important

WordPress Plugin Updates – Don’t Be Afraid, It’s Important

I often get called in to look at a website running WordPress with out of date plugins. I ask the owners why they haven’t updated and often the answer I hear is one of fear.

“I am worried that it will break things,” they say.

If you are in the same boat, don’t feel bad. It is still very common, and we here at PressTitan want to help change that.

Some of the biggest issues with running high-performance WordPress can be related to out of date plugins on updated server software, updated themes, or updated WordPress core. Having your plugins be out of sync with the rest of your website is a recipe for disaster.

Often, new releases of plugins are more for security and performance than new features.

If you are feeling stuck, unable to update a plugin or theme because of some concern about losing functionality or breaking your WordPress website, then you are likely losing the opportunity to have a high-performance WordPress website, and opening yourself up to security issues.

It is increasingly rare these days for a plugin update to cause a major issue with a website, but it does still happen. Typically, if something goes wrong, you’ll have to connect via FTP and remove the plugin causing issues, and it can be difficult to roll-back to the previous version, but this inconvenience is small compared to the ever-worsening compatibility issues or security concerns that not upgrading will create.

The solutions that I would recommend are to get set-up with daily backups and/or set-up a staging environment. Both of these options allow you to mitigate the risk to your production environment so that you can continue to move forward with on-time updates to your plugins.

If you have a staging environment, most WordPress hosting companies make that easy today, then you can easily update plugins on stage to see how your WordPress website will react. But if you don’t have a staging environment available for use, then a tool like WPStagecoach (not an affiliate link) is an awesome option.

Most hosting companies today have daily backups, but using options like ManageWP‘s paid option (not an affiliate link), you can backup your site before any update and rollback if there is an issue.

With PressTitan and our Exclusive WordPress service plan, you don’t have to worry about updating your plugins, as we will take care of that for you. We provide proactive monitoring and updating, as well as making sure there are backups of your site before any upgrade.

Don’t let WordPress plugin upgrades stop you from having the best WordPress website possible.

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