About PressTitan

Titans are mythological Greek gods that were to have existed before the well-known Olympian gods. Our co-founders have been working in online publishing for longer than WordPress existed and have a strong understanding of what makes a powerful, high performance, user-friendly website.

How is PressTitan different than managed WordPress hosting?

At PressTitan, we aren’t just a managed WordPress host, we go beyond hosting as we know that web hosting is only a part of the equation. You can have a great web host and your WordPress site can still load poorly. This is because managed WordPress hosts don’t look at your specific configuration and needs, instead, they use a single one-size-fits-all approach.

Our layer of proactive service, DNS management, and CDN configuration will help your site perform the best that it possibly can. Don’t just get a managed host, get a service you can depend on to look out for your websites best security, performance, and opportunities.

About David Krug

David Krug has been using WordPress since before it was called WordPress with a strong SEO and content development background, David Krug has built many top-tier WordPress properties and consulted on hundreds of others.

We understand the value of the assets we are entrusted with, we understand how they operate and safeguard them like we would our own families.

About Malcolm Peralty

Malcolm Peralty has over 15 years working in the WordPress space in various capacities. He first started using WordPress when it was version 0.72. Since then, he has worked with start-ups through Fortune 100 companies as well as government. Malcolm was the co-host of two of the biggest WordPress focused podcasts and has written about the software for over a decade.

On the technology side, Malcolm graduated with a diploma in computer networking in 2003 and has been managing web servers since, with a focus on a high-performance LAMP/LEMP stack and more recently high availability setups.

Some organizations Malcolm has worked with include CenturyLink, World Economic Forum, StoryCorps, WPEngine, Brightcove and many more.

Fun Facts

  • Built and sold a website for $X,XXX,XXX in 10 months
  • Written and published over 10,000 blog posts
  • Wrote for a blog that was built into the WordPress News Feed
  • Led international teams of developers and server engineers to complete over two dozen high profile launches

At this point, I must have WordPress in my blood, right?

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